The WonderFalls Pass 2016

Visit 10 Must-See Attractions for Only $10.00

Niagara Region residents once again have the opportunity to enhance their Sleep Cheap stay with The WonderFalls Pass! This offer is available to Sleep Cheap participants from Sunday November 13 to Friday November 18 (closing time).

The WonderFalls Pass provides Niagara Region residents the opportunity to visit 10 of Niagara Falls must-see tourists attractions (listed below) for only $10.00 per person, or $30.00 per family (up to 6 family members).

This new initiative was created by Councillor Victor Pietrangelo in 2015. In its first year, The WonderFalls Pass raised over $20,000 with the proceeds to improve the condition and accessibility of parks and playgrounds in Niagara Falls – “Residents Save and Help All Kids Play.”

The WonderFalls Pass will be made available to purchase for Niagara Region Residents (I.D. required) participating in Sleep Cheap Charities Reap, starting Monday, October 31, 2016 until Friday, November 18, 2016 at the following locations:

Please note: Lost cards will not be replaced. The attractions do not have to be visited in any particular order. Valid for one time use-per attraction. I.D. will be required to prove cardholder is a Niagara resident. Please fill out your name and address on the back of your card before arriving at the attraction.

The Following 10 Attractions Are Included In The WonderFalls Pass!

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